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Home Tuition Singapore Agencies

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Home Tuition Singapore Agencies

There is an abundance of home tuition agencies in Singapore. And all of them have a different approach and a varied database of tutors. Having an excess of choice is often the cause of indecision and it is understandable that you might be confused about which tutor would be right for you. This can be particularly pressing when the examinations are drawing near which lead to excessive stress and worry. So, here are some tips on what to do and look out for in order to find the best tutor for you and your child.

To begin with, one should be unafraid to be transparent and specific about what they are searching for in a tutor. These factors might range from the tutor's education level, his or her duration and type of tutoring experience as well as his or her rates. For this to work out, it is important to find a tuition agency that is trustworthy and capable of accurately representing their tutors. Finding such an agency might boil down to reputation, publicity and perhaps, personal experiences. Regardless of the reason that drew you to a particular agency, make sure that you feel comfortable and understood when communicating with their agents. Should you still be worried about the issue of forged certifications, perhaps you could request for the tutor to bring along his or her certificates for your perusal and verification.

Communication with the tutor plays a huge role in this process as well. Think of this as a form of collaboration and partnership, in which both the tutee and the tutor have to put in the effort to reach out to each other in order for learning to take place most effectively. As such, perhaps the parents, or the tutee themselves, could get in touch with the tutor so as to prepare him or her for the very first lesson. In response, tutors are better able to anticipate the needs of their students and thus, alter their lesson plans and materials to better suit the individual. Communication also needs to continue during and after the first lesson to make sure that the lesson is being delivered with a pace, difficulty level and style that keeps the student comfortable and engaged. Should the student have a more reserved nature, parents could help check in with their child to gauge the situation while their child is still getting used to and building rapport with his or her tutor.

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