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Is your child ready for the next exam? How can you help to prepare?

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Is your child ready for the next exam? How can you help to prepare? Assessments, mostly examinations and tests are critical in the education of every Singaporean student. This is because the examination results are used as a yardstick to evaluate the ability of a student to pursue different careers in life. So in case you have a child who is about to do their examination, it’s important to ensure that they prepare well. Basically, it’s common for your child to display a mixed reaction of excitement, stress, and anxiety during the preparation and exam period. It’s also normal for you as the parent to be under pressure of wanting your child to study more so as to excel in their exams.

You, however, have a role to play in helping your kid prepare for the exam. For instance, you need to monitor your child closely during the preparation period. Make sure they eat, sleep, and play well. Remember that your child may be tempted to spend their day and night revising and forget the importance of living a balanced life, which is not good for their health.

You should also make your home a good environment for your child to study. Remove anything such as television that might distract them during the revision period. But even as they study, it’s important to create fun activities that they can do during break time. Being engaged during break time can help increase concentration, improve memory, and reduce stress.

You may look for home tuition Singapore tutors for your child to get ready for the next exam.

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