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Journey and Goal in Studies

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Journey and Goal in Studies

Most individuals have the mindset that results are the be-all and end-all of one's studies. They believe that should one fail their examinations, it means that nothing has been learnt or understood. However, learning is all about the journey. Even if they have misunderstood a concept or a question type, by being open to correcting oneself, one can understand how the misunderstanding came about and thus, rectify it. Scoring poorly in the examinations, should not be a source of panic. Rather, one should be eager that the questions had managed to identify their errors, for this means that there is much more to learn and find out. 

Yet, it is understandable how this mindset came to be. After all, for a long time now, Singapore has built up it's education system upon measurable results and rankings. However, as demonstrated by the recent change in the education curriculum, that result-orientated era is coming to an end. The Ministry of Education has rolled out several changes that reduce the frequency of weighted assessments in efforts to revolutionize the goal of education, and thus the journey it involves.

As such, here are some of the possible approaches one may adopt in light of these changes. For starters, developing a sense of indiscriminate curiosity could help. Regardless of whether a topic or fact is in the syllabus, one could learn to make it a habit to find out more about new and unfamiliar information. It is this passion for learning, not for scores and results, that would make one's educational journey more enjoyable and meaningful. Gone are the days where one would lament about the uselessness of trivia since it isn't tested anyway. Instead, one would learn and be willing to learn simply because of the joy derived from obtaining a greater understanding of the world around them and the ways it works. This is an aspect private tuition could help with. This is so as private tutors have the freedom to go above and beyond the education syllabus. Even the new ways in which they are able to deliver information could provide students with a fresh perspective beyond the orthodox. Furthermore, as private tutors are also able to cater their curriculums and syllabuses to the ever-changing education system without any red tape or administrative restrictions, they are able to quickly respond to these changes that the Ministry of Education has introduced. With this flexibility, private tutors are able to better complement their students' journeys as well as their goals in education.

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