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Home Tuition Singapore Business

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Home Tuition is a booming business in Singapore. And despite the ups and downs that the economy has weathered, the tuition industry continues to grow. One of the reasons for its continual growth and popularity is its proven track record in helping many students score well regardless of their age, school or current results. This is because students possess unlimited potential as well as an unprecedented ability to learn and adapt. Engaging tuition for your child is an investment for their futures. Tuition provides alternative conditions and environments for students, who might not be faring well in school, to harness their potential and rediscover their interest in their studies.

Another reason for the tuition industry's success might be the stress parents face when their child does not do well in the examinations. Singapore has a competitive environment and parents are eager for their children to achieve success. As such, many of them turn to tuition, filling up their children's weekends with back-to-back classes. While this might work for certain personalities and characters, students might also end up feeling overwhelmed and thus, develop a sense of resentment towards their studies and even their parents. Furthermore, as their children might not be convinced of the need for tuition, they might not put in the effort necessary for learning to take place. This results in a waste of time and money. However, home tuition Singapore business can help alleviate this problem. This is so as tutors are able to better direct their focus, energy and efforts on one student. This concentrated attention also allows for rapport building between student and tutor which might help the student buy into their tuition lessons and be more willing to go the extra mile to learn. After all, learning is a two-way process and students have to demonstrate a minimum level of engagement for it to work out.

Regardless of your reasons for engaging in-home tuition services, this industry has proven itself to work. However, there are also lots of external factors, like the student's willingness to learn that could reduce the efficacy of tuition. A great tutor could work through such issues but he or she would most likely require time to get to know and connect with their students. Research has shown that education systems that promote the continued service of one teacher for a long period of time actually lead to better results for the students. That's why it might be better for both tutee and tutor to commit to each other and to lessons.

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