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Private Tutors in Singapore: Important Things You Need to Know

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Private Tutors in Singapore: Important Things You Need to Know

In recent polls conducted, nearly eight out of ten Singaporean parents with children in primary school pay for private tuition. Do you belong to the minority who doesn't send your child for tuition lessons?

Being a full-time working parent doesn't get time with their children. It's even tougher to stay updated with the newest MOE syllabus. Therefore, sending children for tuition is unavoidable. Here in Singapore, people are so blessed with so many education and enrichment centers. On topmost of that, you must have the ease and expertise of home tutors who can provide children with 1-to-1 attention at your own pace.

Benefits of hiring a private tutor for your Children

There are many advantages to having a private tutor – here are just a few of them.

· Can work at a child's pace. This is the MAIN advantage. When your child is lost or weak in a specific topic, the tutor can explain everything doubts from scratch and customize their lessons based on the child's learning pace.

· Can give one-to-one attention. If your child understands more visual, has a short attention span, or prefer learning through activity, an experienced tutor can cater to their classes based on the child's learning style and preferences.

· Can work on specific learning obstacles. Be it dyslexia, attention issues or behaviour problems, an expert and experienced tutor can support the child to advance in leaps and bounds.

· Can impart vital study/exam skills. It comprises of time management, valued tips like summarizing & concentrating on titles while skim reading, and strategies like paying attention to what the teacher emphasis during class, to predict the content of future tests.

· Can be flexible in timing and convenient — a significant advantage, especially for working parents. Sometimes, fetching your child from the tuition center can be very troublesome – difficulty in finding a car park, travelling time, etc.

Different types of private tutors are there?

In general, private tutors can be classified into three main groups depending on their experience, expertise and qualifications.

1. Student Tutors. Children aged 17 and above, could be JC or Polytechnic students, expecting acceptance into NS or University, or Undergraduates or Post-Graduate students. Most commonly engaged tutors in Singapore as they're the least expensive and have the most flexible timetable. Home tuition Singapore rates start from $20 – $25/hour for primary school students.

2. NIE Trainees / MOE Tutors. All MOE Tutors are certified by the National Institute of Education (NIE), where primary and secondary school teachers are trained. They're either current or ex-school teachers. These tutors are most updated with the syllabus and are well-trained to handle many types of students. Thus, they demand a higher price too. Rates start from $40 – $60/hour (MOE Tutors) and $30 – $40/hour (NIE Trainees) for primary school students.

3. Graduate / Undergraduate Tutors. These often set a good example for their students. Students look up to them as they have achieved good results themselves. Apart from their knowledge of the subjects they impart, they also give students the motivation to pursue great results. Rates start from $25 – $40/hour for primary school children.

Most of the parent's look for a tutor from their friends' references. Many agencies in Singapore offer tutor matching services at no cost to the parents/students as they charge 50% of the first month's tuition fee from the tutor as commission for helping them find a tuition assignment.

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